Viceland Cancels 'Vice Live' After Less Than Two Months

Vice media office-Getty-H 2019
Mario Tama/Getty Images

A mere two months after its premiere on the cable network, Vice has canceled its nightly series Vice Live.

The news, which was first reported Monday by The Daily Beast, was alluded to but not explicitly stated in an email sent out by the network president to staff.

"For the past two months, VICE Live has been doing it live from our Brooklyn HQ four nights a week with an unpredictable, beautifully crazy show that has showcased the best of VICE and shined a light on some of the hottest emerging talent in the worlds of comedy, music, television, and food," read the memo from Viceland president Guy Slattery. "Looking ahead, we’ll be breaking out some of the most popular talent and formats from Live."

Of those breakouts noted were Dee Nasty (Worse Weekend Than You and Dee on the Street), Taji Ameen (One Star Reviews), A$AP Twelvyy (A$AP Sports Desk) and hosts Zack Fox, Marie Faustin and Fat Tony. The memo also reminded employees of the "killer" original slate Vice has coming up in the next few months, including Bong Appétit: Cook Off and Dark Side of the Ring.

"Thanks to everyone on the VICE Live team for their hard work and to everyone across the company for their support and creativity as we continue to bring unique perspectives and voices to television that can’t be found anywhere else...and keep taking big, bold experimental swings that only VICE would dare to do," said the memo.

The Hollywood Reporter first reported in late October that Viceland was plotting a new live show that would feature a mix of in-studio guests, commentary and prepackaged segments. It was seen as a way to get the network's predominantly young audience — the median age of a viewer is 45 — to tune in nightly. Growing an audience has been key for Viceland, which is only in 68 million U.S. households and has been plagued by low ratings. 

The two-hour show, which aired on weeknights, premiered Feb. 25.