'The 100': Bellamy Makes an Improbable Truce (Exclusive Video)

Will Bellamy and the grounder come to an understanding on The 100?

Life has been brutal on the ground, and it's not going to let up anytime soon. The Hollywood Reporter debuts an exclusive clip from Wednesday's episode, "Day Trip," in which Bellamy (Bob Morley) stands guard over one of the grounders (Ricky Whittle) responsible for nearly killing Finn. Plus, Bellamy can't be too happy about the growing connection between the grounder and his little sister, Octavia.

Miller (Jarod Joseph), one of Bellamy's loyal supporters, says he's already notified several parents of the murdered kids. "Thanks for doing that. I owe you," Bellamy says as he keeps watch over the captured grounder.

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"I just wish we could say we were getting some justice," Miller hints, hoping for Bellamy to OK a temporary torture order. (Bellamy did "interrogate" the grounder rather intensely last week.) But he doesn't budge.

"We're not killing him," Bellamy states, instituting an unofficial pact.

"You were a lot scarier when you had that face paint on," Miller says as he approaches the nameless grounder, slapping some back onto the grounder's face. Still in chains, the grounder makes a drastic move, violently head-butting Miller to the ground. Will Bellamy keep his promise of keeping the grounder alive?

The 100 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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