50 Cent Laughs at His 'Worst Pitch Ever' With Jimmy Kimmel (Video)

The rapper found the humorous side of his embarrassment on the Mets' pitcher's mound, while Jonah Hill told with Seth Meyers "his secret formula for filmmaking."

Rather than be known for his 30 million albums sold globally and 14 Grammy nominations, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson may go down in history for throwing out the worst first baseball pitch ever

Fortunately, the rapper can laugh about his terrible throw at the Mets game on May 27, and told Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday that he felt "intense pressure… there is a ghost of old pitchers who don't want you up there.

"The worst part was watching the catcher's face," said 50 Cent, crouching down to mimic the disbelief as his throw went far left. 

VIDEO: 50 Cent Mocked for Throwing Out the 'Worst Pitch Ever' at Mets Game

"One thing you don't have at the house is a pitcher's mound," quipped the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host when talking about 50 Cent's mansion, which boasts its own nightclub. 

In his opening monologue, Kimmel pointed out everyone in Los Angeles is focused on different sport -- the NHL Finals between the Los Angeles Kings and New York Rangers. "More people are pretending to care about hockey than ever."

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After apologizing all week for his gay slur to a paparazzo, Jonah Hill finally got to talk about 22 Jump Street on Late Night, saying that his perfect formula for filmmaking is for "these movies be so bad that the fact that they are decent is makes them look really good ... We bash ourselves for making a sequel," he explained.

As for taking his mom to the premiere of Wolf of Wall Street, "It’s all fun and games until you pull your c--- out" onscreen," he told Seth Meyers.

On CBS, David Letterman welcomed Tony Awards host Hugh Jackman, who said hosting the awards was  "not as much pressure as the Oscars." 

To relax, the X-Men: Days of Future Past star took his son fly fishing in Montana. However, he says it was really to prepare for his upcoming Broadway role in The River. "I've got until the play opens until my son realized that what we went on was a research trip, not a father-son trip." 

On NBC,  Jimmy Fallon reveled in viewers' #WorstSummerJob, which included selling cars, shoveling peanut butter into a dumpster, and selling dad's homemade shampoo.