Adam Levine Teases David Letterman About the Origin of Maroon 5's Name (Video)

"It was my idea never to tell anybody," revealed Levine, while Zach Braff complained to Jimmy Kimmel that he was putting audiences to sleep in "Bullets Over Broadway."

What's in a name? Not a lot, according to Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine

Sadly for David Letterman, The Voice mentor wouldn't reveal where the band's name came from. "It was my idea never to tell anybody," he said. 

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"Can I give you some truth? The origin of the name is so bad and such a terrible story that we decided that shrouding it in mystery will make it a better story than the actual story … it works!"

Over on ABC, Jimmy Kimmel was still lamenting over the U.S. failing to beat Portugal in the World Cup on Sunday.

"For 90 beautiful minutes, Americans cared about soccer … and then soccer betrayed us. Never again," he vowed.

After hosting the "8th Annual Belly Flop Competition," which involved viewers diving into an above ground pool in front of the studio on Hollywood Blvd., Kimmel welcomed guest Zach Braff.

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The Scrubs star is currently appearing onstage in Bullets Over Broadway, but revealed that he is having trouble keeping the audience awake every night.

"There are 1,700 people on three levels and the only people I can see are these really wacky people on the front row," Braff told Kimmel. "I had one old woman fast asleep … so at intermission I sent her a Red Bull," and then in response her family propped her up in a booster seat with sunglasses on and the can in hand. "It was like Weekend at Bernie's," he laughed.

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On the Colbert Report, author John Green revealed that writing The Fault in Our Stars even made him cry. "I would get to Starbucks every morning and open up my laptop and weep," he admitted. 

Kathy Bates got her freak on with Craig Ferguson as she revealed details of the latest American Horror Story incantation. "I love horror, I love thrillers … true crime," said Bates. "But then you run out, there's only so many serial killers."