Bill Murray Flies Into 'Late Night' as Peter Pan (Video)

Bill Murray Late Show - H 2014

Bill Murray sure knows how to make an entrance. The comedian, dressed as Peter Pan, flew into Friday's Late Night With David Letterman. He bellowed a tune as David Letterman looked on, bemused.

"I'm flying.… Look at me, way up high, thinking, I'm going to die," Murray sang. "I want to see what a lovely thing I am to see. I'm flying."

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When Murray came back down to earth, Letterman asked him why he'd chosen to enter the show dressed as Peter Pan.

"First — I love to fly. And second, there's been a big thing, this Carrie Underwood. She did The Sound of Music," Murray said. "I feel that this is my moment. They are talking about restaging Peter Pan, and I think I'm the guy."

NBC has Peter Pan slated for a live broadcast on Dec. 4.

If that weren't enough, Murray declared he was tired of his beard, so Letterman -- being the good friend that he is -- shaved the star's beard on air.

Murray also talked about his Super Bowl plans, saying he would attend the game and had seats outdoors. He mocked fans worrying about the cold weather, noting he's from the much colder part of the country, Illinois.

"You're urine freezes in Illinois'. This is nothing."