'Breaking Bad's' R.J. Mitte Films Funny Father's Day Video for Bryan Cranston

"Most dads say lame knock-knock jokes, but you, you were the one who knocks," says the actor to his onscreen dad, Walter White.
Ursula Coyote/AMC
"Breaking Bad"

Breaking Bad actor R.J. Mitte pays tribute to his onscreen Dad, Walter White (Bryan Cranston), as part of a funny Father's Day series from Screen Junkies.

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"Some called him Walter, some called him Heisenberg, but I called him Dad," he opens. "A lot of fathers say they would do anything to provide for their family, but you, Walter White, really meant anything -- be it cook meth, poison a child or choke a man named Crazy Eight with a bike lockYou always made sure that your family had an A1 day.

"You sacrificed so much to make sure your family had what was most important: breakfast. Everything you did was for your children -- and also your pride, and a ton of money, but definitely for your children too."

In reference to White's business partner, played by Aaron Paul, Mitte says, "Would someone else have been jealous of all the time you spent with Jesse Pinkman? A little, but you never let my girlfriend choke on her own vomit, so we all know who you really loved most.

"I do wish we could've spent more time together -- a kid can only play with his Uncle Hank's minerals for so long. Instead of spending your dying days with your wife and children, you chose to spend them spraying a white supremacist drug syndicate with an automatic machine gun, which was f---ing awesome. I mean, what other dad can rig an old Mexican cartel leader's wheelchair with a bomb that blows up a chicken franchise-own drug dealer, ripping his entire face off?" he asks, ringing a bell three times. "My TV dad, Walter White.

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"Most dads say lame knock-knock jokes, but you, you were the one who knocks, and for that, we all thank you and wish you a Happy Father's Day."

Watch the video below.

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