Chris Pratt: I Flashed Amy Poehler on Set of 'Parks and Rec' (Video)

Late-night shows also welcomed Zoe Saldana, Laverne Cox and Rosario Dawson.

There's a moment in Parks and Recreation's second season in which Leslie (Amy Poehler) opens the door to find Andy (Chris Pratt) totally naked.

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As Pratt told Seth Meyers Wednesday — Poehler's reaction was totally real, because he surprised her on set by actually showing up naked. Pratt said NBC strictly told him not to joke about the incident, but hey, with Parks having just one season left, he figured they probably won't fire him if he speaks out about it now.

Later on Late Night, Orange is the New Black actress Laverne Cox revealed why director Jodie Foster hired Cox's identical twin brother had to play her Orange character for flashback scenes before she transitioned from male to female.

"I wasn't butch enough," said Cox.

On ABC, Jimmy Kimmel tried to pry details about Netflix's Daredevil from star Rosario Dawson. (Her character's identity has yet to be revealed.)

Speaking of superheroes, David Letterman welcomed Guardians of the Galaxy star Zoe Saldana, where talk got a little ... personal when the conversation turned to the blue body paint she had to wear for the role — and the crevices the paint ended up pouring out of at the end of the day.