Conan O'Brien Pitches George W. Bush Against Bill Clinton in Presidential Painting Showdown (Video)

The talk show host managed to mock two former presidents in one funny -- but strange -- skit.

Conan O'Brien mocked former president George W. Bush on Wednesday night, not for his politics or intelligence -- but his artistic skills when he critiqued Bush's art work, which recently went on display.

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With Bush having painted political figures like Vladimir Putin, O'Brien jokingly sparked a "presidential competition" by displaying Bill Clinton's fake creations, which were far more risque -- and included Clinton as majestic half-man, half-horse.

"This is how President Clinton sees himself," joked the Conan host.  

O'Brien's guest, Marlon Wayans, revealed that he has a serious crush on female UFC champ Ronda Rousey, because he likes a woman who can "professionally" kick his butt.

Over on CBS, Craig Ferguson talked about Clinton too, saying in his opening monologue: "Federal charges have been filed against the woman who threw her shoe at Hillary Clinton, which seems a bit excessive to me.  

"If a woman threw her shoe at Bill Clinton, he would be like, "That’s a good start.'"

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Big Bang Theory star Kunal Nayyar went on to dish about animals in his native country of India. "Sometimes you see elephants on the road, not stray elephants but the ones going from wedding to wedding," he said, collapsing into giggles, before revealing that for his wedding he came in on a white horse.

"Which was cool, until my horse started bucking," he told the Late Late Show host.