Watch Dakota Johnson Ask David Letterman: "Are You My Dad?" (Video)

Dakota Johnson Letterman - H 2015

Dakota Johnson Letterman - H 2015

It's official: David Letterman is a big blusher.

The host turned bashful on Tuesday night's Late Show With David Letterman when the Fifty Shades of Grey star mentioned her mother, Melanie Griffith.

"[My mom] told me to tell you that she loves you — she really meant it!" she told him. "She brought you handcuffs one time." The actress then humorously asked, "... So, are you my dad?"

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With a big smile, Letterman told her, "Of course you're kidding. No, that's just a joke!" and clarified to the audience that her father is of course, none other than Don Johnson.

At the end of their chat, the host shook her hand and said, "Not so much to your dad, but please say hi to your mom."

Watch the clip below.