Dax Shepard on Meeting Idol Brad Pitt: 'I'm Smiling Ear-to-Ear' at Oscars In Memoriam (Video)

The 'Parenthood' actor told Ellen Degeneres that the actor-producer is his equivalent of Kristen Bell's sloth obsession.
Michael Rozman/ Warner Bros.
Dax Shepard and Ellen Degeneres

When Dax Shepard visited The Ellen Degeneres Show, he found himself following the lead of his wife Kristen Bell, who memorably spent the segment discuss her tearful -- and viral -- obsession with sloths.

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"The only thing that I love on par with sloths is Brad Pitt," revealed Shepard in an interview that airs on Wednesdy, adding that his admiration began 1994, when Pitt starred in Legends of the Fall.

Shepard then recounted the hilarious moment that he finally met the actor-producer at the Oscars earlier this year. "I had never met him, nor did I ever want to, because I ‘d be afraid I wouldn't be able to talk to him," he admitted.

He explained that when he attended with Bell for the first time this past year, he didn't realize the ceremony is "23 hours long, and I’m 6'3" and then you’re in a folding chair with some light padding ... I started getting paralysis, I think, so I said I need to get some circulation ... I went to the bathroom and just stood in a stall for like 20 minutes, just trying to get everything to wake up!"

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Shepard then returned to find Degeneres joking that the Oscars are like The Hunger Games and handing out pizza to the stars -- Chiwetel Ejiofor, Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Harrison Ford, Jennifer Lawrence and more helped themselves to a slice, while Pitt and Kevin Spacey volunteered to help serve. "I'm facing Kristin getting to my seat and she starts pulling my leg, and she goes, 'He’s talking to you. He's talking to you!' And I turn around and Brad Pitt is talking to me from four rows up! He goes, 'We love your movie.'"

The Parenthood actor directed the comedy Hit and Run in 2012 with David Palmer, in which he starred alongside Bell, Tom Arnold, Kristin Chenoweth and Bradley Cooper, among others. "In that moment I completely forget that I had directed a movie, because I just forgot, and I go, 'What?'" Shepard then reenacted Pitt's endearing gestures while repeating the compliment, to which he responded, 'Well, I'll be dead in two hours, because it won't get better than this!"

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And at that moment, the ceremony's In Memoriam segment began. "I'm smiling ear-to-ear from the best compliment of my life, and the sad music starts and we start cherishing the folks we've lost," he said. "It was nearly impossible for me to not smile. I’m not kidding and Kristin was like, 'Okay, get it together.' I never got it together! We left … there’s photos of me leaving an hour later, like, still smiling."

Watch the clip below:

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