Diane Keaton Cheats at Beer Pong With Jimmy Fallon (Video)

The "Annie Hall" star inspired a sophisticated twist on the drinking game, which was adapted to "red wine with ice pong."

Playing games with his guests is turning into a nightly tradition for Jimmy Fallon, who challenged Diane Keaton to a beer pong contest on Tuesday.

Instead of cheap brew however, The Tonight Show host and the Annie Hall actress knocked back red wine with ice. Rather than waiting until she lost, Keaton demanded that she could drink before they began playing, "just one little sip," she giggled, chugging vino from a red solo cup. 

Later in the show, Dane DeHaan revealed that he was on a strict diet to play the Green Goblin in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. He told Fallon he had an emotional reaction when he ate his first burger in four months: "I literally started crying in the restaurant."

On CBS, David Letterman sent a special message to his network colleague, Craig Ferguson, calling his upcoming departure from the Late Late Show "too bad."

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"He's been on that program, the star of the show since 2005, and he's going on to do other things, I guess a new show that is in the works for him. But his show was unlike any other late-night show, and I'm telling you, to be unique in the world of television -- virtually impossible. So congratulations to Craig on a great run and we all wish him well." 

Letterman went on to welcome Elementary star Lucy Liu, who had only finished filming the second season that morning and finally was allowed to direct an episode after being told "no" twice before.

Modern Family co-stars Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson went on Jimmy Kimmel Live! together, where they talked about their characters' upcoming onscreen wedding.

"I feel great affection for this man," said Tyler Ferguson, confessing that he got emotional saying wedding vows to his "fake husband."

Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts next revealed to Kimmel how he entertained her when she was in hospital for a bone marrow transplant. "Because my sleep pattern was different, I got to see you live rather than on DVR."

"Is it safe to say I saved your life?" asked Kimmel. 

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On Late Night, Seth Meyers showed off his smarts with the Science Guy, Bill Nye, where he talked about debating with creationists and taking a selfie with Neil deGrasse Tyson and President Obama. "We hang out drink wine and talk about women," he said of the Cosmos presenter. 

Meyers also chatted with Today hosts Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie, with Lauer revealing that he discovered his co-anchor was pregnant while they were covering the Winter Olympics in Sochi because she was refusing the vodka shots the Russian military taught them how to drink.

On Comedy Central, Stephen Colbert was not impressed with the cast photo from Star Wars: Episode VII  -- complaining it clearly wasn't cannon: "These people, have they ever heard of the holocron continuity database!?" asked the die-hard fan.