'Duck Dynasty' Star: Fashion Designer? Kimmel's 'Lie Witness News' Investigates

Jimmy Kimmel Live! goes to New York Fashion Week for the latest edition of "Lie Witness News."

In an exclusive preview from Wednesday night's episode, an attendee from Atlanta (surprisingly) fails to differentiate the bearded Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson from actual fashion designers. The interviewer even attempts to drop in some keywords to help guide him through the conversation. Here's how the exchange goes.

Man: "Phil Robertson — you know what — is beyond one of my favorites as well."

Interviewer: "He really burst onto the scene a few years ago. The whole Robertson family. What do you think of the style?"

Man: "I really like the style, but the name really says it all because he's following a legacy. So when you follow a legacy and you walk into those shoes, you're really doing your part."

Interviewer: "It's really like a dynasty."

Watch the full "Lie Witness News" segment tonight. Jimmy Kimmel Live! airs 11:35 p.m. PT daily on ABC.

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