Watch Intense New Trailer for Fox's Hip-Hop Drama 'Empire'

Empire - H 2014
Chuck Hodes/FOX

Fox used game three of the World Series to ramp up midseason hip-hop drama Empire.

From The Butler's Lee Daniels and Danny Strong, Empire stars Taraji P. Henson as Cookie Lyon, the ex-wife of Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard), who heads the hip-hop record label at the center of the series. Gabourey Sidibe also stars, along with new addition Courtney Love.

Back in May, Daniels told The Hollywood Reporter that he intended "to make a black Dynasty. You sit there and go, 'No, this bitch didn't! Oh my f—ing God!' "

The minute-long teaser opens with Lucious sharing his life story, before it's revealed that he is suffering a crippling disease that could change his life in a matter of a few years. "It was the music that saved my life," he says, before the powerful music mogul tells his grown children to "man up" and take charge of his empire.

And as if on cue, Cookie barges in: "Don't forget me, baby. I want half my company back!" Looks like Lucious is going to have his hands full.

Watch the trailer below.

Empire premieres in January 2015 on Fox.

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