'Everest Jump Live': Joby Ogwyn Explains How His Wingsuit Works (Exclusive Video)

Wingsuit jumper Joby Ogwyn is in the last few weeks before he makes his historic flight off the summit of Mount Everest.

For Ogwyn's May 11 stunt, Discovery plans to air two hourlong preshows revealing his training and preparations, followed by the live two-hour broadcast that will show Ogwyn's ascent to the summit and jump from the top. His custom-made wingsuit will be equipped with cameras providing a bird’s-eye view as he descends more than 10,000 vertical feet at speeds greater than 150 miles per hour.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Discovery Channel Prepares for Live Mount Everest Jump

In this video, which is exclusive to The Hollywood Reporter, he explains how his suit works.

"It makes you into like a little airplane," he says of the way the suit is designed. "I say that these other suits are kind of more like airplanes. This is actually more like a missile."

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: 'Everest Jump Live': Joby Ogwyn Reveals Terrifying Moment Atop the Mountain

At age 24, Ogwyn became the youngest American to summit Everest. In 2008, he set the world record for the fastest ascent of Everest, climbing from the base of the south side route to the summit in just 9½ hours -- a journey that typically takes three or four days.

Weather permitting, the live broadcast of the event will air starting at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT on Sunday, May 11.