'The Flash' Trailer Teases Captain Cold's Entrance and an Unexpected Kiss

The Flash Episode 2 Still - H 2014
Cate Cameron/The CW

A new trailer for The Flash is here.

Following Tuesday's highly anticipated debut of The CW's Arrow spinoff, a one-minute teaser previewing the first half of the season revealed new developments. From Iris' sudden interest in the "Red Streak" to Wentworth Miller's villainous debut as Captain Cold, things in Central City seem to be ramping up and Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) is feeling the pressure. "I'm in over my head. This was a mistake," Barry says.

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While Barry's romantic life is nonexistent at the moment, with Iris dating Detective Eddie Thawne, the trailer reveals that he and a certain bespectacled Starling City resident will lock lips. Gustin told THR over the summer that Felicity's trip to Central City in episode four "does complicate things for Barry."

Watch the new trailer below.

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