'The Fosters': Callie Worries About Her Future (Exclusive Video)

The countdown to The Fosters is on.

Some time has passed since the events of the ABC Family drama's first-season finale, with Callie's younger brother Jude officially a part of the Adams-Foster family.

The Hollywood Reporter exclusively debuts a scene from the June 16 premiere, in which Jude is surprised with his new birth certificate by Stef after his successful adoption. Everyone seems to be in high spirits and things appear to be slowly returning to normal -- but several questions still loom following the events of the finale.

Brandon seems to be recovering from his fight, wearing a black hand cast, and Mariana suddenly has a renewed interest in school. Though Callie may have been happy about Jude's official adoption into the family, something says there's more to it than she's letting on. When Stef attempts to reassure Callie that things will be fine, she's less sure.

Will Brandon play piano again? Will Callie locate her biological father?

The Fosters returns June 16 at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

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