'Game of Thrones': Natalie Dormer Reveals How Cast Feted the Purple Wedding (Video)

Jimmy Fallon praised John Oliver for his THR cover, David Duchovny noted his name's worst misspelling, and Don Rickles talked Johnny Depp's odd fashion.
Lloyd Bishop/NBC
"Late Night With Seth Meyers"

How did the Game of Thrones cast actually celebrate the Purple Wedding? Actress Natalie Dormer told Seth Meyers on Tuesday that rather then getting caught up with the dark drama of the shocking episode  -- "It was done so well, like a whodunit," she said --  the cast had their own party on set. 

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"We all got to be together for a week. There was a lot of scrabble played on iPads. It was so hot in Croatia so all the girls sat with our skirts hitched up," she laughed.

To celebrate Earth Day, Meyers also wrote a love letter to the Earth: "We're not even your best-looking species. We can't all be dolphins." Meanwhile Sofia Vergara told the Late Night host that when the Modern Family cast went to film in Australia: "We were like rock stars." However, the jet lag was awful. "I am not a spring chicken anymore. I felt hungover for a week."

John Oliver was on a self-deprecating roll on Tuesday: After being teased by Jimmy Fallon about his recent The Hollywood Reporter cover and attending last week's party celebrating the 35 Most Powerful People in New York Media list, the Last Week Tonight host went on to reveal his most extreme heckling experience, which occurred during a comedy tour for U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

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"It never occurred to me that they would be so heavily armored," he said, explaining that everyone in the audience was holding a gun, and he asked one man with a huge weapon pointed at him: "'Does your finger have to be on the trigger?' and he replied, 'Nope.' And that was that," he said in his signature deadpan style.

Sports fan Fallon went on to nominate special NHL playoff awards for superlatives, such as the player "most likely to get a penalty for frosted tips," "most likely to be two people sewn together," and "worst at darts."

Guest David Duchovny recalled how a homeless man recognized him in downtown L.A. during the first season of The X Files, but mispronounced his name, saying it "with at least four 'n's." And when it comes to the final season of Californication, he described the series as a romantic comedy, adding, "It is impossible to please everyone, but I am happy with it," he said.

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Over on ABC, Jimmy Kimmel interviewed veteran comedian Don Rickles, who joked: "What a night, what a night, I'm on a show that's not making it … I'm kidding, he's the best!" He then claimed that: "Johnny Depp called me from Japan -- I asked, 'What do you want?' ... I know he is a cheap date because he dresses up like a monkey."

Emily Deschanel also told the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host that her son is "mostly vegan … it really sucks," admitting that he thinks almonds are candy.

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As for the ninth season of Bones: "We kill so many people but we can't kill the show."

Over on CBS' Late Show, Stephen Colbert took a tour of his future late-night home. The Colbert Report host chatted with David Letterman, who gave his successor a particularly warm welcome. Colbert also shared several brushes he'd had with the TV veteran in his younger years -- including being offered an internship with Letterman's then-show (Late Night on NBC) in 1986, and submitting to write for Late Show in 1997.