'Gone Girl' Author Gillian Flynn on Thriller's Screenplay: 'It Was in Good Hands' (Video)

The best-seller's scribe of the upcoming Ben Affleck film also reflected on the success of the title, now available in paperback.
Gillian Flynn

Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn is still reeling over the success of her best-selling husband-and-wife thriller, two years after it hit bookstores' shelves.

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"It was really wild because, first of all, the book did better than anyone thought, so it became this kind of cool thing," Flynn told Good Morning America of the title that's sold over six million copies and is now available in paperback. "And I was like, 'Oh, well, that's great. That's enough,' " but then I had a screenplay to complete. "It's so exciting. It's this really wonderful thing when it goes out in the world and kind of takes on its own life."

When asked about rumors that the book's controversial ending may differ for its big-screen adaptation, she responded, "I cannot give away, in good conscience, the ending of the movie, but I wrote the screenplay, so it was in good hands.

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"People, I think, were kind of worried that it would turn into, you know, a musical or something, or the feel-good hit of the summer, and it's not that!" she joked.

Watch the interview below:

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