Harry Connick, Jr. Tells David Letterman He Shared a Plane With Leonard Nimoy (Video)

Emma Roberts admits she's scared of ghosts, Louis C.K. shares parenting advice, and Chris O'Dowd notes his Airbnb strategy while starring in "Of Mice and Men."
Harry Connick, Jr.

For someone who's been in the limelight for as long as Harry Connick, Jr. has, he's not the least bit jaded about spotting a fellow celebrity. The American Idol judge told David Letterman on Monday's Late Show that he was excited to see Leonard Nimoy on a recent flight. 

Connick didn't actually talk to the Star Trek legend, but he did manage to surreptitiously snap a selfie in which the back of his head can be seen in the distance. "I was technically in space with Mr. Spock," Connick bragged to Letterman, adding that he felt at ease on the flight knowing that Nimoy's character was so adept at air travel. "I could do anything -- I could have an open canister of petroleum on the plane."

Over on NBC's The Tonight Show, FX star Louis C.K. gave Jimmy Fallon some interesting parenting advice for raising his nine-month-old daughter, Winnie Rose, in New York City. "You don't have to do anything -- she is still at an age where if you leave her in a room for a few minutes, she'll still be there," he told the host.

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Fallon later welcomed musical guest Neil Young to celebrate his new acoustic covers album, A Letter Home, which was recorded at Jack White's Nashville studio.

Seth Meyers touched on the hot topic of the evening, Clippers owner Donald Sterling's interview with Anderson Cooper. "If you really want forgiveness, don't apologize to the whitest person on earth," he joked.

Guest Chris O'Dowd revealed how he smuggled his cat into an Airbnb apartment. "All the reservations these places have about animals are born out of the way I've treated this place," he confessed.

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The Bridesmaids star went on to reveal that after putting on weight and growing a beard for his Tony-nominated role in Of Mice and Men, "When I see myself, I feel like I've eaten Russell Crowe."

Meyers' next guest, American Horror Story: Coven star Emma Roberts, also had a confession -- a deep-rooted fear of the supernatural. "I am beyond scared, I am the person looking under the bed. [A ghost tour of New Orleans] was a big mistake. After that I was scared to death," she admitted.