'Hit the Floor' First Look: Pete Gets a '$30 Million Insurance Policy' (Video)

THR premieres a scene from the Memorial Day season opener of the returning VH1 drama.
"Hit the Floor"

There are a few surprises in store for VH1's basketball drama Hit the Floor, kicking off its second season on Memorial Day.

The Hollywood Reporter debuts a first look at the May 26 opener, which features the introduction of superstar basketball player Zero (Adam Senn), an all-American, God-fearing athlete who is traded to the Los Angeles Devils. But there's more to his well-crafted image than meets the eye.

As Oscar Kincade (Don Stark), owner of the Devils, tells Pete Davenport (Dean Cain), he's putting in a "$30 million insurance policy" to ensure success in the new season.

"I just hope I can bring some of that magic here to L.A.," Zero says in a press conference, before thanking his junior agent Jude (Brent Antonello) and God. "With him, all things are possible."

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