Dr. Phil Gives Obama, Putin Couples Therapy on 'Tonight Show' (Video)

Jimmy Fallon reprises his impersonation of the Russian president -- with help from the real-life TV psychologist.

Jimmy Fallon is continuing to get mileage out of his Vladimir Putin impersonation.

On Thursday's Tonight Show, Dr. Phil McGraw joined Fallon (as Putin) and President Obama impersonator Dion Flynn as the Commander in Chief. The two feuding heads of state got couple's counseling from Dr. Phil, airing their grievances about each other.

Obama complained Putin doesn't respond to his texts, saying the Russian president claims he doesn't get them until days later.

VIDEO: Jimmy Fallon Sings 'Let It Go' As Vladimir Putin

"Bitch you know I'm spying on you," Obama said -- noting he always can see when Putin actually gets his texts.

For his part, Putin said he felt crowded by Obama, saying he wakes up to 20 texts from him: "It's like I'm teenage girl and he's James Franco."

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