Jimmy Fallon 'Nip Syncs' to 'Ebony and Ivory' With Terry Crews (Video)

The "Tonight Show" host got shirtless for the follow-up to Lip Sync Battle, while Jimmy Kimmel asked the public their thoughts on glamorizing "Godzilla" and Adam Duritz told Seth Meyers that he nearly quit Counting Crows.

Jimmy Fallon announced on Monday that The Tonight Show will be going on its first road trip, to Orlando, Fla. from June 16-19, to visit the Harry Potter Diagon Alley theme park and drink butterbeer in the Hog's Head pub. 

The musically talented host went on to do a freaky skit called "Nip Syncing," which featured a slicked-up (and very buff!) Fallon with Blended star Terry Crews in a shirtless performance of "Ebony and Ivory" as their pecs did synchronized dance moves.

Fallon went on to welcome A Million Ways to Die in the West star Liam Neeson, who was excited to be playing a cowboy in the comedy. "At the start of this year, I had nine films," said the hardworking action star, revealing that four of them were animated, before telling Fallon how his kids previously made fun of him being featured on co-star/director Seth MacFarlane's Family Guy.

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Godzilla hit theaters on Friday, earning $93 million in the domestic box office in its opening weekend, and to celebrate the film's release, Jimmy Kimmel debuted a new installment of "Lie Witness News," asking people on the street how they felt about Hollywood "glamorizing" the 1954 giant lizard attack that killed 100,000 in Tokyo. "It's a travesty!" one said, while another was in support of a proposed $600 million bill that would equip the government with anti-reptile capabilities. 

Guest George Stephanopoulos later dropped in a Godzilla reference when Kimmel mentioned his conversation with President Bill Clinton about UFOs, along with telling the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host what it was like to work with Barbara Walters.

On CBS, David Letterman met some wild creatures of a fluffy nature when Jack Hanna brought in a laundry basket full of adorable baby penguins.

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Later on NBC, Seth Meyers chatted with X-Men: Days of Future Past star Patrick Stewart and Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz, who admitted that he considered quitting the band at one point.

"I just thought it [their music] was going to be depressing; I didn't think people would find it therapeutic," he told the Late Night host. As for naming people in songs like "Mr. Jones," he said: "No one has gotten pissed off at me. I generally give them good reviews."