Jimmy Kimmel's Third 'Scandal' Spoof: Scott Foley Joins the Fun (Exclusive Video)

Jimmy Kimmel continues to roll out the telenovela Escandalo, the Spanish-language spoof of ABC's white-hot political fixer drama Scandal, with help from the original stars.

The first installment featured an assassination attempt, fixed ballots and an affair, while the second episode saw a nurse attempting to smother the president. (Scandal fans will be familiar with all these storylines, as they're based on the show.)

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Now, Jimmy Kimmel Live! is ready to debut the third of the four-part series Thursday, and The Hollywood Reporter exclusively debuts the promo featuring Scandal stars Scott Foley and Guillermo Diaz. Other Scandal stars appearing in the latest installment include Jeff Perry and Kerry Washington.

The first two parts of Escandalo have been doing well, garnering nearly 359,000 views on YouTube combined.

Any theories on what's going on? Watch the preview above.

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