Julia Roberts and Sally Field Reunite for Jimmy Kimmel's 'Celebrity Curse Off' (Video)

Bryan Cranston flubs the word "badonkadonk," Peyton Manning explains his "Omaha" call, and Tom Felton rants about L.A. tea on Monday's late-night shows.
Sally Field, Jimmy Kimmel and Julia Roberts

With a slew of award-winning performances between them including Lincoln, Forrest Gump and Erin Brockovich, Sally Field and Julia Roberts showed their less demure sides when they appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2's Field got things off on a festive foot by knocking back a shot of tequila with Jimmy Kimmel to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. "That was seriously good! Julia is having that too," she said. And when Roberts arrived to promote The Normal Heart on HBO, she told their host, "You are so much slimmer and more handsome in person," before adding: "Somebody's had some tequila… You're getting so relaxed and happy."

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The actresses, who co-starred in the 1989 film Steel Magnolias together, went on to play a raucous game of "Celebrity Curse Off," prompting Roberts to marvel, "We can't say one bad word?"

Over on NBC, Godzilla star Bryan Cranston made his Tonight Show appearance count on Monday, playing a "Word Sneak" game with Jimmy Fallon where the two had to drop in random words into conversation. The highlight? Cranston pulling a John Travolta and butchering the pronunciation "badonkadonk."

In his first talk show since his team's Super Bowl loss, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning threw some footballs around with David Letterman on the Late Show, where he tackled the problem of other teams deciphering his famous "Omaha" play call.

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"I think you’ve got to get up there and just say some really negative things about the commissioner, Roger Goodell ... You know, just, ’Blue 20, blue 20, Roger Goodell is a no-good, you-know-what,' you know, and I think they’ll just kind of turn that volume down a little bit," he joked.

Having been married for 20 years, Late Night guest Jenna Elfman offered her advice to newlywed Seth Meyers, who complained, "Every time I come home, there is a man there who she claims in our gardener, but we don't have a garden," he  joked. "Are you still getting laid? Then don't question it," she said.

Mindy Kaling also stopped by to vent about her (nonexistent) relationship with Fred Armisen, and how she has since kissed every Mindy Project male guest star except for Meyers, who appeared in season one.

Craig Ferguson was joined by Mad Men actress Elisabeth Moss -- who got a surprise phone call on a very classic-style telephone -- and Harry Potter star Tom Felton, with the British actor moaning about the lack of good tea bags in Los Angeles.