Katy Perry Poses as a Weather Girl on Australian News Show (Video)

The "Dark Horse" singer mispronounced nearly every city while sharing the forecast Down Under, and commented on her reported split from John Mayer.
Katy Perry

Katy Perry is finding some solid goof-around time on her trip to Australia, invading the 7 Sunrise news broadcast in Sydney on Wednesday morning to deliver a hilarious, mispronunciation-laden weather report. (John Travolta would be proud.)

Standing next to hosts Sam Armytage and David Koch, Perry took her "nifty wand that all weather reporters use" and began calling cities like Cairns and Canberra "Carns" and "Coona-berra." The highlight: referring to Hobart as "Hogwarts!"

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Later in the program, Perry was reportedly asked if she has a boyfriend, following reports last month that she and John Mayer had permanently split. The pop star's response: "My fans are my boyfriend."

After Perry kicks off her Prismatic world tour in the U.K. in May, the singer will head back to Australia in November for another overseas leg of the trek.

Watch the video below:

This article first appeared on Billboard.com.