Kevin Hart Faces His Fear of Roller Coasters With Jimmy Fallon (Video)

Kevin Hart Jimmy Fallon -- H 2014

Filming The Tonight Show at Universal Orlando Resort all week, Jimmy Fallon took advantage of his adrenalin-fueled location and persuaded Kevin Hart to face his fears on Tuesday at the "home of the greatest roller coasters in the world."

Rather than go willingly, the Ride Along star told Fallon: "You know damn well I don't like no roller coasters … my palms were so clammy. You made me do it," he complained.

"I was a little scared too," admitted Fallon, describing the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit as "insane," before showing a video clip of the pair screaming their heads off like children with death-grips on the safety harness of the white knuckle ride.

Hart was more daring when he appeared on WWE's Monday Night Raw the previous evening, telling Fallon that he went into the ring "through the lower part of the rope, no grown man goes through that… that's the rope they step on," he said, making fun of his own small size.

Next guest, Florida native Jimmy Buffett admitted that after decades of being bought margaritas in honor of his classic song "Margaritaville," he has turned to "clean burning fuel" like straight tequila to ease hangovers. He also confessed to never wearing socks and brought Fallon a pair of flip flops.

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Over on ABC, the celebrity panel of the upcoming singing competition show Rising Star stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! Josh Groban described the show's format — in which people use an app to vote as a contestant is singing — as "like Tinder for talent." Kesha had other ideas for the show, which projects voters' profile photos on the wall: "I can't wait to see a dick pic on the wall," she suggested.

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Seth Meyers did special World Cup version of winners and losers on Late Night, with the victors being Brazil and scarves, and of the losers being protestors, "your children… why are there no juice boxes?" and Landon Donovan for not being picked but having to watch every minute of the tournament for ESPN.

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Later, guest Robert Pattinson revealed how his older sisters tormented him growing up, including saying on April Fool's Day when he was 18 that their mom was pregnant "I was so excited, I wanted a mini-me."

Remembering more of his teenage years, Pattinson admitted that he wanted to be a rapper named Big Tub. "I was really paranoid about my weight … I didn't know how to scratch so I would just pull the zipper up and down on my hoodie."

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