'Kitchen Nightmares': Watch Amy's Baking Company's Submission Reel (Exclusive Video)

THR premieres a previously unseen video that got the controversial husband-and-wife team onto the show in the first place.

Kitchen Nightmares' most talked-about restaurant, Amy's Baking Company, and its husband and wife owners, Samy and Amy Bouzaglo, are returning to Fox.

Ahead of the April 11 premiere, The Hollywood Reporter exclusively debuts the couple's submission video that got them on the show in the first place.

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In the video, Amy proclaims that the restaurant's biggest issue is dealing with customers, something Samy -- who lacks the customer service experience -- is "too nervous" to do successfully. Amy even goes so far as to say that "Samy needs to be removed from this situation," with several of Amy's Baking Company co-workers recalling instances where customers likely would not return to the establishment based on things Samy and Amy have said.

In the return, Kitchen Nightmares follows up with Amy's Baking Company and the Bouzaglos following their last appearance in May 2013, which prompted the restaurant and the Bouzaglos to receive overwhelmingly negative attention. When they were last on the show, their unwillingness to cooperate with Ramsay's suggestions forced the host-chef to fail to complete the restaurant's transformation.

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