'Mad Men': Final Season Gets First Cryptic Trailer (Video)

Don Draper is again solo -- and slow-motion -- in a teaser for the AMC drama's April 13 return.
"Mad Men"

The return of Mad Men is just a month away, so you know what that means: vague, stylish teasers about what's in store for the final season.

AMC's infamous approach of withholding promotions for the Matthew Weiner drama is seen in full effect here. It's just 15 seconds of a stylish, slow-motion Don Draper (Jon Hamm) descending the stairs of a TWA flight onto an empty tarmac. A remixed Doris Day singing "Que Sera, Sera" provides a jazzy soundtrack.

STORY: AMC Splits 'Mad Men's' Final Season, Series Ending in 2015

Any meaning behind this nugget of video is up for debate, but the April 13 premiere does likely include some airport scenes. The series started filming the seventh and final season at Los Angeles International Airport in November -- the same day  a shooting in Terminal 3 left one dead.

Mad Men will be slightly abbreviated in its next run. AMC decided to split the final season into two batches of seven episodes, with the second installment not hitting the network until 2015.