'Magic City' Season 2 Preview: 'There Will Be Blood' (Exclusive Video)

Starz heads back to Miami Beach this summer with the return of Magic City -- and if news of James Caan's introduction as Chicago gangster Sy Berman wasn't foreboding enough, the latest promo should make fans quite uneasy.

"We wanted bigger, badder, more ... and what comes with that is casualties," says star Jeffrey Dean Morgan in a behind-the-scenes video. "There will be blood."

VIDEO: 'Magic City' Pushes James Caan, Fidel Castro in Season 2 Trailer

Ike Evans (Morgan) isn't yet threatening to drink anybody's milkshake, but the new footage includes shots of Berman, Miami kingpin Ben "The Butcher" Diamond (Danny Huston) and makeup work on a slew of dead bodies.

"There's a deeper window into the dark side of Miami, the gangster side," says executive producer Mitch Glazer.

Season two of Magic City picks up where the first left off. And as the team said when speaking with the media in January, the introduction of Caan's character throws much darker elements into play.

"Last season, Ben Diamond was basically the great white shark of crime," said Glazer. "But from all of my research, the way the mob worked back in those days, you always answered to someone."