Watch Matt Lauer Get Revenge on Ellen DeGeneres for Series of Video Pranks

"Now it's on," DeGeneres said in the video of the prank and her reaction that aired on Thursday's 'Today.' "Before it was fun and games. It was jokes. But now, it is on, Lauer … I can't wait to get you now."
Evan Agostini/Invision/AP
Matt Lauer

Ellen DeGeneres has been repeatedly pranking Today show co-host Matt Lauer. She photoshopped his head onto a leather-clad, whip-wielding S&M aficionado during his interview with Fifty Shades of Grey's Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson; pretended his office was the red room from the popular Fifty Shades series; and altered a portion of his taped interview with Vince Vaughn in which they discuss foot fetishes, to suggest that Lauer does have such a fetish.

Lauer has vowed to get revenge and on Thursday's Today, he finally revealed how.

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After an extended intro recapping their prank war and the ways DeGeneres has also pranked Lauer's Today colleagues Savannah Guthrie and Al Roker as well as former Today co-host Meredith Vieira, Lauer explained that the Today crew filled Ellen's car up with 20,000 ping pong balls (and a cardboard cut out of himself) while she was inside taping her show and videotaped her reaction.

As she approaches her car and sees all of the ping pong balls inside, she knows something's up. As she checks out the car, she says "Seriously? I mean, seriously?"

She then opens the front and back doors, letting the ping-pong balls spill out onto the parking lot. By this point, she knows who's responsible and shouts, "I'll get you Matt Lauer! Damn you, Lauer!"

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"He's littering," she adds. "This is against the law."

She's then presented with an iPad with Lauer on video chat. The two exchange some sarcastic quips, and DeGeneres says Lauer should watch out.

"We were just going to start a beer-pong tournament and so I needed to buy like 20,000 ping-pong balls. So the joke's on you, Lauer," she says.

After sarcastically proclaiming his joke — which produced a "big mess," he noted — quot;hilarious," she urges him to watch her show the next day because she previously taped another prank for him.

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"Now it's on," she says. "Before it was fun and games. It was jokes. But now, it is on, Lauer … I can't wait to get you now."

She tries to drive home but can't and has to crawl out of the car into a pool of ping-pong balls.

Lauer later explained that they kindly had a car-service waiting for her and another service to clean up her car. Watch the full prank in the video, which Today posted on its Facebook page, below.


And how did DeGeneres get Lauer back? For her latest altered video, DeGeneres' team cleverly photoshopped a clip of Lauer hanging out with Florence Henderson in Today's Orange Room to make it look like they're making out and undressing each other.

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After that video aired on her show, seemingly before she saw his ping-pong balls stunt, she said, "Your move, Lauer! Give me what you've got. Come on! You keep saying it, but I haven't seen anything yet."

She would.