'Mentalist': Patrick Jane Calls Out FBI Flub (Exclusive Video)

Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) is back on the case in The Mentalist.

The CBS drama returns after a two-month break with a new case that leads Jane south of the border when a U.S. attorney is found dead, even though there are no traces of her crossing the border.

The Hollywood Reporter exclusively debuts a scene from Sunday's return, where Jane shrugs off the FBI's suggestion that the victim could actually be a member of the cartel.

"It's a costume … Undercover … What is that about?" Jane says as he looks at Cho (Tim Kang), after rattling off clues supporting his theory.

When the FBI goes digging on his latest lead, Jane's mind goes to something less serious: food.

"You like tamales?" Watch the scene above.

The Mentalist returns Sunday at 10 p.m. on CBS.

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