Michelle Obama on the President in the Kitchen: He's 'Not a Bad Cook' (Video)

"Today's" Al Roker stopped by the Kids' State Dinner to talk healthy eating habits and dished on the president's go-to menu items.
Michelle Obama

What is President Barack Obama's culinary specialty and weakness?

Today's Al Roker stopped by the Kids' State Dinner on Friday, a special event rewarding 54 junior chefs with a trip to the White House. At the event, the president described the delectable weaknesses of his own family, noting that his daughter Malia has a soft spot for ice cream. "Basically, if there is a bowl of good chips and guacamole, I lose my mind," he said of himself.

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He also spoke with first lady Michelle Obama at the event about promoting healthy eating habits. "It's hard to change adults' habits, but kids really embrace change," she told Roker in a segment that aired Monday morning. "Get them involved, ask their opinions. They'll engage."

When asked who is better in the kitchen, she said, "I would say that I am because I've done it more. The president's not a bad cook." His go-to specialty? "Chili and a stir fry. I mean, he's very proud of his chili."

Watch the video below:

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