MTV's Teen-Kidnapping Drama 'Finding Carter' Gets New Trailer (Video)

Kathryn Prescott stars in the series about a teenage girl who discovers the woman she thought was her mother isn't.
"Finding Carter"

MTV is readying for the launch of teen-abduction drama Finding Carter.

The series centers on Carter (Skins' Kathryn Prescott), a teenager who thinks she has the perfect life until one night after a police bust at a high school party, when she is told that the woman she believes to be her biological mother actually abducted her as a toddler.

The story picks up when a social worker reveals to Carter that the life she had been living has been a lie -- a revelation the new 90-second trailer opens with, where Carter is seen hesitating as she is reunited with her birth parents. "Do you remember me at all?" her real mother (Cynthia Watros) tearfully asks in their tense reunion. "No, I'm sorry," Carter can only say, as her father (Alexis Denisof) stands by unsure of how to handle the new situation.

From the looks of it, Finding Carter is as much a chronicle of a teenage girl attempting to figure out her new family as it is a reintegration tale. As Carter expectedly struggles to find her place, she looks to new friends and experiences (i.e., parties) to help her cope. 

Milena Govich, Anna Jacoby-Heron and Zac Pullam co-star, with Meredith Baxter and Robert Pine recurring as Carter's grandparents.

Watch the trailer below.

Finding Carter premieres July 8 on MTV.

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