MTV's Cooking Competition 'House of Food' Debuts First Trailer (Video)

The food genre gets an MTV spin with the new series debuting at the end of March.
"House of Food"

MTV is headed to the kitchen.

The Viacom-owned cable network is rolling out the latest competition series, the food-themed House of Food, by debuting a new trailer -- and from the looks of it, the show will have some Real World vibes (i.e. fights, violent outbursts, drinking).

House of Food follows aspiring young chefs with no formal training who are put to the challenge of culinary school while living under the same roof. Three of the country's best chefs serve as teachers in Los Angeles, with the winner of the series earning an apprenticeship.

T Group Productions' Jenny Daly, Mike Duffy, Perry Dance and Ted Iredell are executive producers, with MTV's Tony DiBari, Karen Frank and Elaine Metaxas. Matthew Parillo is the executive in charge of production for MTV.

Watch the 90-second trailer below.

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House of Food premieres Monday, March 31 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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