'Orphan Black': Alison Hatches a Crazy Plan to Hide Leekie (Exclusive Video)

What do you do with a dead body? Alison and Donnie find themselves asking that very question on the penultimate episode of Orphan Black.

The Hollywood Reporter exclusively debuts a scene from Saturday's hour, "Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done," featuring the husband-and-wife team attempting to hide Dr. Leekie's body in some odd places.

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First, Donnie proposes a lake — with weights. "Do we have a boat?" Alison asks, clearly not amused. In fact, Alison takes her cue from serial killer drama Dexter as to why a lake would be a terrible idea. "Random scuba divers are finding everything!"

Another possible burial site? The Hendrix's yard. That isn't going to fly. Instead, Alison proposes another location: their garage.

After Donnie struggles to drill through the cement, Alison shows her monitor/husband how it's done. Watch the scene above.

Orphan Black airs on Saturdays at 9 p.m. on BBC America.

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