Pitbull and Jimmy Fallon Play Giant Beer Pong (Video)

Meanwhile, Eric Bana revealed the dangers of living down under and Paul Rudd tried to figure out the rules of international soccer.

Beer pong-obsessed Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon upped his game on Thursday, challenging Pitbull to a game of giant beer pong. However, things didn't go quite as Fallon had hoped.

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The rapper, who graced the cover of the The Hollywood Reporter earlier this year, went on to talk about a ball game of a much bigger scale, as he told Fallon what it was like to perform with Jennifer Lopez at the opening ceremony of the World Cup last week. 

"Who would ever have thought that the talk of the performance would be some rolled up pants?" he marveled.

Over on ABC, Australian actor Eric Bana admitted to Jimmy Kimmel that he was in America to escape the winter down under, and revealed that life in his home country is not always as it seems.

"The stuff that you think will kill you — like huge Huntsman spiders — don't kill you, but the little stuff you can't see is what is going to kill you," he advised. 

Bana currently stars in the demonic horror film Deliver Us From Evil, in which even zoo animals become possessed. "I think all monkeys are possessed by the devil," or at least baboons, he claimed.

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Earlier on the show, Kimmel came up with a simple solution to the issue over the Washington Redskins' offensive name — simply to put an "F" to make them the "Fredskins," which somehow managed to anger Fred Willard, who came on the show to express his angst.

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With the World Cup in full flow, not all American viewers understand what is going on in the global tournament. "I've played soccer all my life and am obsessed and watch as many of the games as possible … but I don't know any of these people," said a confused Paul Rudd, who tried to figure out some of the international rules and foreign players with David Letterman when he went on the Late Show.

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Actress Jenny Slate admitted to Seth Meyers that in college she mixed up astronomy with astrology — possibly after smoking too much weed, revealing she decided: "I am going to get extra-stoned for this" before one class trip.