'Psych': Bruce Campbell Gets the Last Word With Dule Hill (Exclusive Video)

Psych is taking on A Nightmare on Elm Street.

When Gus (Dule Hill) suffers from horrifying nightmares, he takes matters into his own hands and goes to a dream therapist (Bruce Campbell), whom he believes will help solve the problem. But things don't turn out as he planned.

The Hollywood Reporter exclusively debuts a scene from Wednesday's episode, which takes a page out of the classic 1984 horror film by Wes Craven, where Gus starts to doubt his dream therapist's accuracy in his diagnoses.

"My previous diagnosis may have been premature, Slappy," Campbell's quirky alter ego tells Gus.

"Slappy?" Gus questions. (Translation: Another nickname -- really?)

"You see, you're not worried that Shawn is going to leave you; you're worried that working with Shawn is going to get you killed."

When Gus doesn't seem to buy into what's being sold, that's when a recording of Gus tearfully pleading for a better love life and future is played before Gus resigns to his unfortunate truth. Moments later, Gus gets a rather violent wake-up call. Watch the scene above.

Ahead of the March 26 series finale, USA Network has set another six-hour Psych all-night marathon. "Night of a Million Hundred Goodbyes” will start at midnight on March 21, featuring six of the cast's favorite episodes from the past eight seasons. During the evening, farewell messages from the cast and fans will be broadcast. (The previous all-nighter aired last February.)

Psych airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on USA.

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