Rachel McAdams Cringes While Watching Her 'Notebook' Audition Tape (Video)

Rachel McAdams Audition Tape The Notebook Today - H 2014

Rachel McAdams Audition Tape The Notebook Today - H 2014

Rachel McAdams hit Today on Tuesday morning to chat about A Most Wanted Man, the spy thriller based on John le Carre's book and co-starring Willem Dafoe, Robin Wright and Daniel Bruhl, as well as Philip Seymour Hoffman in his last completed film.

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"It's got a lot of tangled webs and lots of threads to follow, and lots of surprises," she told Matt Lauer. "I went back to the book often, for details for character but also just for mood and feeling, and Le Carre is so detail-oriented that there's ton to mine out of that."

Still, Lauer and Al Roker confessed that they found themselves overly emotional while watching The Notebook during a cross-country flight — "Just, buckets of water!" — and McAdams reassured them, "Embrace it! ... It's funny, men want to confess that they cried and it felt good. It's a lovely thing."

She then watched a clip of her original audition tape for the Nicholas Sparks adaptation, released ten years ago, which had her cringing in the Today studio. "Why are you cringing?" Lauer joked. "You got the part!"

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A Most Wanted Man opens in theaters July 25.

Watch the video below:

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