'Rising Star': Meet the Second Week's Singers (Video)

THR scavenges for more on the ABC show's inaugural contestants, including a theater breakout, a captivating actress and a Justin Timberlake look-alike.
"Rising Star"

The second week of ABC's Rising Star showcased 12 more singers, eight of whom were voted through to the next round (including two East Coast close calls who were saved by West Coast viewers).

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However, it's their pre-Rising Star performances that have raised our own internal walls of curiosity: Is Alice J. Lee more than just a Broadway-bound baby? Is Adam Jaymes really the next Justin Timberlake? And, wait a minute — do April Lockhart and Macy Kate know each other? Once again, The Hollywood Reporter went through YouTube with a fine-tooth comb to unearth these answers.

Shameia Crawford

The backup singer may have showcased her vocals front and center last night, but who knew this 30-year old performer is also quite the actress?

April Lockhart

The Jersey girl captured America’s heart with the revelation that she lost her hand as an infant, but learned how to play guitar, despite the odds. Her positive energy has already made her a few friends — including Macy Kate, the Instagram auditionee who was voted through on last week’s show. Check out their Lorde duet below.

Austin French

The worship leader had Georgia on his mind as he went soulful for his Rising Star audition, but here, the former contestant of The Voice and ABC's short-lived singing show Duets delivers his "anthem for Christians" for a local radio show.

Alice J. Lee

Most recently, the bluesy singer made a splash in the Off-Broadway production of Heathers: The Musical, as well as Spring Awakening on Broadway, but how is she when not belting show tunes? Here, the oft-supporting stage actress shows she is ready for the starring role, as she handles Sara Bareilles' "Come Round Soon" at a concert in New York City.

Sonnet Simmons

The daughter of a former cult member has one of the most unique voices of Sunday night's episode, showcased during her haunting version of "Wicked Game," but that only scratches the surface of what exactly this 34-year old singer can do. Check out her mashup of Ne-Yo and Lady Gaga that she concocted at the piano in 2010.

Will Roth

When the bearded belter — who won over America and the judges with The Neighbourhood's "Sweater Weather" — previously auditioned for The Voice, he said in a video that he was going to cover Lady Gaga’s "Bad Romance" "a little differently," and he was right.

Adam Jaymes

The eye-pleasing auditionee advanced to the next round as a solo act with his cover of Jason Mraz's "I Won't Give Up," drawing a comparison (from Brad Paisley) to Justin Timberlake. But he's also quite comfortable fronting a band, as shown in this cover of "Ho, Hey" by The Lumineers.

Megan Tibbits

The harp player made it through on Rising Star after West Coast voters gave the East Coast close call the final vote of confidence. Here, she shows off proficiency on piano with her original song, "Beautiful Hands."

Rising Star continues Sunday on ABC.

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