Samuel L. Jackson Performs 'Boy Meets World' Slam Poetry (Video)

Later on NBC, Nick Cannon explained his recent whiteface stunt, saying it was an homage to Andy Kaufman.
Samuel L. Jackson

How cool is Samuel L. Jackson? So cool that he can make a '90s sit-com hip again. Jackson held a poetry slam describing the plot of Boy Meets World on The Tonight Show. He later admitted to Jimmy Fallon that he'd never seen the classic coming-of-age sitcom.

Later on NBC, Nick Cannon continued to explain donning white face to promote his upcoming album, White People Party Music. On Tuesday's Late Night, he said it was an homage to fellow provacatures such as Sacha Baron Cohen, and the late comedian Andy Kaufman. Host Seth Meyers wasn't offended by the white face or the name. Rather -- it made him feel uncool that he owned the same shirt as Cannon's character, Connor Smallnut.

Anna Kendrick joined Meyers to share her favorite memories of being a guest at this year's Oscars, from Pharrell's hat -- "It doesn't look that big in person," she said -- to John Travolta's blunder over Idina Menzel's name, revealing how the audience was locked into a stunned silence.

Over on ABC, Jimmy Kimmel invited Dancing With the Stars contestant Amy Purdy onto his show, where he let the Paralympic snowboarder make jokes about herself. "People tell me I look calm all the time but that's because it's impossible for me to get cold feet," joked Purdy. "Heather Mills was missing one leg and married Paul McCartney -- someone owes me two Beatles…. If the other contestants break a leg they are out of the show, if I break mine, I just buy another one."

A big fan of April Fool's jokes, Kimmel also revealed how he played a prank on his Aunt Chippy by sending a fake news crew over to interview her.