Sandra Bullock's Tearful Tribute to Jay Leno: 'You've Always Been so Kind'

In Leno's second-to-last "Tonight Show," the "Gravity" actress nearly breaks down, saying the host always treated her well "even when the film was awful."
Sandra Bullock and Jay Leno

Sandra Bullock gave a tearful sendoff to Jay Leno Wednesday during his penultimate Tonight Show, which also featured surprise appearances from Arsenio Hall, Kevin Smith and Carrot Top.

"You've always been so kind. That's saying a lot in this business, because we like to be mean," Bullock said. "There's not been one time you haven't treated me like I had something to offer – even when the film was awful and you knew it, you never let me see it in your eyes."

She added: "When I made crazy life decisions, you never questioned it. You were so welcoming. I just felt special, even when I was insecure."

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"Well, you are special," Leno said, kissing Bullock's hand.

The sincere moment came after Leno teased Bullock about Speed 2 – noting he could finally ask borderline rude question, because of his impending retirement: "I don't care anymore!"

´╗┐Earlier, a few unannounced guests stopped by The Tonight Show to toast outgoing host Leno.

Leno told the audience he'd been cleaning out his office, and found some things his famous guests had left over the years. Among them – Justin Bieber's diary and a bong. After Leno read from the diary, director Kevin Smith showed up to claim the bong – noting it held less weed than when he'd left it.

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Carrot Top appeared to claim a few props he'd left at the show, including a new helmet for recently defeated Super Bowl team the Denver Broncos (complete with tissues). Arsenio Hall also made a brief appearance to wish Leno luck. Later, Blake Shelton praised Leno for keeping his personal politics out of the show. "Everybody gets ripped on."

Leno's final Tonight Show is Thursday, with Billy Crystal and Garth Brooks scheduled. Leno said there'd be more surprises that even he isn't privy to.

The Tonight Show airs Thursdays at 11:35 p.m. on NBC.