'SNL' Recap: Jim Parsons Mocks Oscars, Ellen DeGeneres (Video)

Weekend Update welcomes a new co-host and casting "12 Years a Slave" gets awkward.

Jim Parsons introduced himself to Saturday Night Live by reminding people that no, he does not speak Klingon.

The Big Bang Theory star trotted out typecast actors for a musical number in which they insisted they were not the characters they played. Among them: Bobby Moynihan as Seinfeld's Jason Alexander and Jay Pharoah as Family Matters' Jaleel White. (See more here.)

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Parsons also appeared in the cold open, with Kate McKinnon playing Oscars host Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show and Parsons playing figure skater Johnny Weir.

"You know what movie I loved this year?  12 Years a Slave. It's about how I've been forced on this show to dance every day for the last 12 years," Ellen said.

It was the first episode since Seth Meyers departed SNL to host Late Night. Head writer Colin Jost joined Cecily Strong as the new co-anchor of Weekend Update, where he made jokes about Paula Deen and welcomed cranky critic Jebidiah Atkinson (Taran Killam) to give his take on the best picture nominees.

"Before we start, I just wanted to say I'm so grateful and excited to be here tonight. This is really a dream come true," Jost said. He received the blesing of Meyers, who tweeted:

SNL got in on Hollywood's recent biblical trend with an ad showing how to make your kids interested in The Bible. The solution? A version in which all of the characters are replaced by birds. (The David and Goliath story was particularly gruesome.)

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The show also welcomed 12 Years a Slave director Steve McQueen (Kenan Thompson) to reveal secrets of the casting process. McQueen's early audition tapes showed white actors being incredibly uncomfortable as they are coaxed to be ever more racist and cruel.

SNL is new next week with host Lena Dunham and musical guest The National. It airs at 11:30 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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