Stephen Colbert Teases Ellen Page About Coming Out 'As a Thespian' (Video)

Jon Hamm recalls his best "Saturday Night Live" skits, James Franco shows off his barely-clad selfies, and Jimmy Fallon creates a Mother's Day hashtag.
Comedy Central/Screengrab
Ellen Page

Stephen Colbert isn't very comfortable with the L-word.  

The faux-conservative welcomed Ellen Page to his show Thursday and had a few bones to pick with her, saying he heard she "came out as openly Canadian," and later saying she "openly came out as a thespian."

Page, who came out as a lesbian on Valentine's Day, is featured the cover of the May 16 issue of The Hollywood Reporter, where she opens up about coming out, the Bryan Singer case, and her battle with depression. (Read the story here.)

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As for her role in the upcoming action sequel X-Men: Days of Future Past, "It is something I relate to because of the Canadian thing," she joked to Colbert.

Jon Hamm is always a hit when he hosted Saturday Night Live, and Seth Meyers revealed on Thursday that in true Mad Men style, "We all wore suits to pitch," when he was coming on, but "I was dressed like a hobo because I was off-duty," said Hamm.

Of course, the most famous skit was a play on his named called "Jon Hamm's John Ham," and the actor revealed: "There's still plenty of that mustard soap left."

The Million Dollar Arm star and avid baseball fan went on announce, "I am going to Pittsburgh on Sunday, and I'm going to be at the Cardinals-Pirates game on Sunday night on ESPN," where he will guest host Baseball Tonight. 

Over on CBS,  David Letterman managed to easily embarrass guest James Franco by spilling his Instagram secrets.

"For me it is a fun thing that I don't put a lot of thought into, but it gets a lot of attention," Franco revealed before a photo of him flashed up in a pair of baggy white underwear with his hand down his pants.

To celebrate Mother's Day on Sunday, Jimmy Fallon created #MomQuotes, "We got thousands of tweets and within 20 minutes it was a worldwide trending topic," said The Tonight Show host.

The ridiculous Twitter topics included butt dialing, confusion over NFL instant replays and a booty call to dad.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live! Lake Bell said she'd never played a real person before Million Dollar Arm, and was delighted when the real Brenda told her at Tuesday's premiere that she "had all the hand movements down."

Meanwhile, Kobe Bryant told Kimmel that he wasn't going to be buying the Los Angeles Clippers anytime soon, and that watching the Lakers recent losing streak while he was injured was tough. "I would rather stay at home and eat paint chips," said the NBA star.