Why Taye Diggs Follows Everyone on Twitter: 'Literally, I'm Embarrassed' (Video)

The star of TNT's "Murder in the First," a 10-episode drama following only one crime, explains the reasoning for his following sprees on the social media platform.
Taye Diggs

Taye Diggs is following a lot of people on Twitter.

The star of the new TNT drama Murder in the First, who went from following 44 users in April to over 45,000 in June, explained the reasoning behind his sprees on Friday while on Today: "Literally, I'm embarrassed. Everyone was telling me I needed to have more of a presence on Twitter. So I met with this dude who deals in social networks, and he said instead of focusing on always disseminating information, why don't you focus on using it as a ticker?" Diggs explained to Matt Lauer.

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"So I gave him a bunch of people that I was interested in, from athletes to people in politics, just a whole bunch of people. And then he started following people for me. And now whenever I want, I can just look at my phone and hear what's going on with all these people."

The Today show crew said that they felt honored to be followed by him, while Lauer thought it hilarious. Diggs asked Lauer, "Don't you find yourself interesting?" to which he responded that he doesn't. When asked if he's shooting for the 50,000 mark, he responded, "I'm not trying to do that. I'm just trying to keep myself stimulated," he said.

Diggs expanded on Murder in the First in which he plays a homicide detective. "It's 10 episodes, and it's a crime that gets solved within that duration," he said of the format. "It gets audience members to invest more, as well as the actors, as far as the characters are concerned. We are trusting that their short attention span will not dissuade them."

He spoke about researching his role. "I was pretty taken aback, because we ate with some of these officers in San Francisco, because the show takes place in San Francisco, and to look at them, you'd think they were regular people," he said. "But then to hear some of their stories, it's amazing how these people can have lives and families and relationships."

Murder in the First premieres June 9 on TNT.

Watch the video below:

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