'Tomorrow People': John Faces Killer Dilemma, Luke Mitchell Weighs In (Exclusive Video)

Jedikiah has some explaining to do.

The Tomorrow People begins the last arc of the season with Monday's episode, appropriately titled "Endgame," following Stephen's discovery that his father's body has been frozen and held by Jedikiah all this time. It also tees up a showdown between opposing powers The Founder and Jedikiah, the latter of whom persuades Stephen that the only option to end the war is to kill The Founder. John, an Ultra-trained killing machine, gets lured into the mess. 

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The Hollywood Reporter debuts an exclusive scene featuring a tense conversation between John and Stephen, with the former struggling about whether to revert back to his killing ways in the quest to topple The Founder for good. "John's always had issues with his ability to kill -- just because he has it doesn't mean it's easy for him to do or that he should do it," Luke Mitchell tells THR, hinting that there is a major reveal connecting John's "skills" to Jedikiah's grand plan.

"By the end, the audience should be very confused about who to trust," Mitchell says of The Founder and Jedikiah"There will be a very clear division by the end of this episode as to who the real bad guy is." The actor offers a glimpse at the rest of the season.

Is there a clear villain in John's eyes? I imagine he must be more sympathetic to Jedikiah just based on their past history?

Of course John is slightly sympathetic toward Jedikiah, but he doesn't trust him as far as he could throw him. At the start of the episode, it's very clear that they're both bad guys in John's eyes and then through the course of the episode, things happen, and he takes a little bit of a leap of faith and starts leaning one way. By the end of the episode, John is completely torn and angry at himself. He feels like he's been duped and like the wool has been pulled over his eyes. 

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Should John actually go through with killing The Founder? What can you say about how he goes about it?

Even if John chose to go ahead with it, how would he go about it? We've already set up that The Founder is one of the most powerful Tomorrow People ever, so where do you even start in planning to kill him?

In the last episode, Stephen came across his father's frozen body. How soon do the others find out?

There's a pretty good chance other people are going to at least find out about that Roger's body is being held by Jedikiah in a cryo chamber. There are some interesting scenes that revolve around that. There's some pretty epic stuff.

At the moment, it seems John and Cara are back on solid ground. Will that last? 

I don't think they even know where they stand. They're certainly not at square one; too much stuff has happened. They're doing their best to reconcile things, and John's doing his best to support Cara in a leadership role, but things aren't easy. If they're not complicated already, things are about to get even more complicated.

There's a faction of fans who prefer John with Astrid. What are your thoughts on that?

I'm extremely flattered that the fans seem to be liking the scenes between John and Astrid. [Madeleine Mantock]'s a breath of fresh air to work with. We have a lot of fun together, and I think that comes across onscreen. She brings out a different side of John that you don't get to see. I think that's what fans are enjoying seeing, a different side to John and a different dynamic -- one that's not doom and gloom, that's a bit more normal.

How deadly does the war get?

It's superhero movie scale. The whole world is in peril, and I'm not even exaggerating. The season finale is huge. Everyone's lives are at stake, and people do die. We're definitely going to be tugging on the audience's heartstrings.

The Tomorrow People airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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