CNN Contributor Will Cain Fights With 'View' Hosts About Gun Violence (Video)

The guest host on Wednesday’s edition of the ABC daytime show was also teased by the panelists for his comment that "everybody is a little bisexual."

In the wake of Tuesday’s deadly school shooting in Oregon, widely reported to be the 74th school shooting since the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in December 2012, CNN contributor Will Cain insisted on Wednesday’s The View, where he was a guest host, that gun violence is actually decreasing and disputed the statistic.

“I don’t think it is the 74th,” Cain said after Whoopi Goldberg revealed the stat.

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“That’s a stat put out by this group Every Town, USA, which is for gun control. We know a couple stats. These are by Pew and the FBI. Gun violence is down drastically over the last 20 years. I mean drastically.”

Cain went on to say that “it’s understandable” to “want to learn a lesson” in the wake of tragic shootings, but he indicated the problem was more due to mental illness and the media.

“What can we do to ensure this doesn’t happen? I don’t know. Crazy people exist,” Cain said. I will suggest this. I think when the media reports so breathlessly and salaciously on these things, these guys copycat each other.”

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The conversation then evolved into a discussion about gun control with co-host Sherri Shepherd insisting that “you can do more damage in five seconds with a gun than you can with a knife.”

Cain insisted, though, that gun control wasn’t the answer. “When you go after the gun, that’s kind of in the end who you end up punching,” he said. “The bad guys get this stuff …”

Goldberg revealed that she owns a gun, but she believes in regulation.

“As a responsible gun owner, I don’t have any problem with you checking my background. Check whatever you need to check to make everyone else feel comfortable,” she said.

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She added that even if the rate of shootings is 10 a week or five a week, “it’s too many.”

“That’s why I say, let’s fix the stuff that we can get to and hope the parents are paying attention to their kids and making sure that the police are aware,” she said.

Later in the show, Cain found himself being teased for a remark he made to the hosts when they were talking while the cameras were off, specifically, him saying that he thinks “everybody is a little bisexual.”

The panelists assessed Cain’s claim after Goldberg mentioned that Anna Paquin tweeted that she’s "proud to be a happily married bisexual mother."

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“We try to make these categories a little too neat and clean: gay and straight. And the truth is it’s probably some kind of spectrum.”

Cain’s comments led Shepherd to wonder if he’s bisexual and tease him that when he said that, he was talking about himself.

“I’m not, but that’s the risk that I run when I say that,” Cain said. “A guy who wears boots like this, you’re either gay or an extremely confident straight man.”

He later conceded that his comment about bisexuality was a bit of an overstatement.

“Let’s put it this way, I am comfortable with what everybody decides. I just don’t think it’s neat and clean,” he said. “I think there are straight people. I think there are gay people. And I think there are people in between. And I think that’s fine. You are what you are.”

Watch Cain and The View hosts discuss gun violence below.