'The Voice' Recap: Battles Tackle Aloe Blacc (Video)

The Voice Battle H 2014

The Voice Battle H 2014

The sudden-death duets continued on The Voice on Tuesday night, which saw a guest mentor take the lead in the rehearsal room, while the contestants struggled to shine against their match -- at least, enough to tempt a steal and save themselves from elimination.

For the battles, Shakira recruited Miranda Lambert in as her guest mentor, Adam Levine called on Aloe Blacc, Usher had Jill Scott, and Blake Shelton pulled The Band Perry -- the first band to ever stop by The Voice as a guest mentor.

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Meet the latest to move on to the next round of The Voice:

Team Shakira's Clarissa Serna vs. Jeremy Briggs
Song: "Cold as Ice"
The Texas volunteer and the former college baseball coach were assigned to rock out with the Foreigner hit, but the two kept trying to out-scream each other in rehearsals. In the battle, Serna touted her very big voice, while Briggs occasionally fell out of the pocket. "Shakira's song selection definitely presented a challenge for both of you," said Usher, who saluted Briggs, while Levine and Shelton opted for Serna. Shakira chose Serna.

Team Adam's Caleb Elder vs. Delvin Choice
Song: "The Man"
The doughnut shop employee and the singing Starbucks barista had to attempt Blacc's single, and Levine moved aside so they could be coached by guest mentor Blacc himself. But both contestants struggled with the tricky rhythm of the track, so Levine coached them into talking and clapping through the verses until it stuck. Once in the ring, the song seemed occasionally too low for both boys, who would've excelled if the key were raised; still, only Choice chose to experiment with higher-pitched phrasing. All three coaches preferred Choice, as did Levine, moving the returning auditionee forward.

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Team Usher's Brittnee Camelle vs. Melissa Jimenez
Song: "Give It to Me Right"
When the nursing student and the former Wyclef Jean collaborator were tasked to tackle the Melanie Fiona song, guest mentor Scott noted that Camelle's persona didn't match the vulnerability in her voice. Onstage, both brought plenty of stage presence, but the thinner-voiced Jimenez still came off more personable than the more powerful Camelle (which wasn't too out of place, since the song has its share of aggression anyway). "Even though Melissa hit the big note at the ending, I think Brittnee had the stronger voice," said Levine, while Shelton rewarded Jimenez' huge closing note with his endorsement. Usher chose Jimenez, leaving Levine and Shakira to fight for Camelle. She chose Levine.

Watch Camelle and Jimenez battle below:

The victors of a handful of unaired battles were revealed (and too bad, because they looked pretty good):

Team Blake's Megan Ruger vs. Ria Eaton: Ruger
Team Shakira's Ddendyl vs. Lindsay Pagano: Ddendyl
Team Usher's Brothers Walker vs. Morgan Wallen: Wallen

What did you think of the latest battle rounds? Were the right singers sent home tonight? Sound off in the comments below!

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