'Vikings': Donal Logue Previews 'Traumatic' Season 2 Finale (Exclusive Video)

Is King Horik about to face off with Ragnar Lothrok on the finale of History's Vikings?

"Things right now are [Horik] saying, 'This dude's gotta go and his family's gotta go with him.' That's the plan," Donal Logue tells The Hollywood Reporter, which exclusively debuts a scene where Horik demands Floki prove his loyalty to him by "killing someone who matters" to former ally Ragnar.

Siggy and Floki are "in a tough spot because they don't know which horse to back," Logue elaborates. "If they back the king, he probably has more resources and material, or their friend Ragnar, but maybe he's overlooked them too or hasn't always been the bet to Rollo."

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But Logue had an inkling the season would come to a head with a Horik and Ragnar showdown.

"Playing one of these guys whose game is power and how to maintain power, how to increase their faith or wealth, [they're] using people a bit like pawns to help their game," Logue says. "If there are two alpha dogs in the backyard, something's got to give. I knew the journey was coming to a him-versus-him thing."

The Vikings had a less sympathetic view of mortality, where death was a regular part of their lives, something Logue says significantly plays into Horik's outlook and morals.

"It was a brutal time and Horik came to power in a brutal way and had been the recipient of a lot of backstabbing, nasty Dark Ages politics, so he doesn't have a sympathetic view over any of this stuff," he says. "It's all about expedience [for him]. He had a different take on life and death and death was actually something that he looked forward to on the battle field."

With Logue booked in a lead role on Fox's Batman prequel Gotham, which is eyeing a series order, one can presume the odds of Horik's fate is pretty dire. "I'm definitely tied to some other jobs," Logue says with a laugh, "but I don't want to give anything away. Things can happen. They can focus on another storyline, and I can come back."

"It's a pretty traumatic conclusion," Logue says of Thursday's closer. "This [finale] ties up a lot of loose ends."

Vikings closes out season two on Thursday at 10 p.m. on History.

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