Vince Gilligan: 'Breaking Bad' Spinoff Could Feature Walter White Cameo (Video)

Breaking Bad may be over, but fans haven't necessarily seen the last of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.

Creator Vince Gilligan, who is hard at work on the Saul Goodman prequel spinoff tentatively titled Better Call Saul, says anything is possible when it comes to Breaking Bad characters popping up for cameos.

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"The sky's the limit with a prequel," Gilligan tells The Hollywood Reporter. "Everybody who's now deceased in the Breaking Bad world is obviously still alive. You never know who might turn up and when and where."

Gilligan hasn't nailed down the details, but says Bryan Cranston (Walter White) and Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) have expressed interest in doing cameos, while Saul's former private detective, Mike (played by Jonathan Banks in Breaking Bad), could potentially have a substantial role.

"I could definitely see a version of this where Mike Ehrmantraut is an important part of this series," Gilligan says.

Gilligan would like to direct the pilot for the hourlong AMC series, which will center on criminally talented lawyer Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), exploring his days before he began working with Walter White. He says the show will be more comedic in nature than Breaking Bad, but still have dramatic elements as well.

Gilligan plans on shooting in Albuquerque and would like to reunite as many of the writers and crewmembers as he can.

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"That's a big draw for me," he says. "To 'get the band back together,' as the Blues Brothers said."

He plans on spending the first season in the writers room, with longtime Breaking Bad producer Peter Gould serving as showrunner.

Gilligan says we'll also get a look into Saul's personal life.

"We've only seen Saul in his professional habitat. It will be interesting to see a more personal, intimate side of Saul Goodman," Gilligan says.

Gilligan graces the cover of the Oct. 25 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine, in which he also discusses the pressures of following up Breaking Bad. Read the complete story here.

Lacey Rose contributed to this story.

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