Vince Gilligan Reveals His Mom Didn't Like 'Breaking Bad' Ending

Conan Breaking Bad Reunion - Screengrab - H 2018
Screengrab/Team Coco

The cast of Breaking Bad reunited on TBS' Conan Wednesday night, broadcasting from San Diego Comic-Con.

Host Conan O'Brien brought his late-night show down from Burbank to the fan-packed halls of the San Diego Convention Center for the fourth straight year. Filming from the nearby Spreckels Theater and dubbing his time in San Diego ConanCon, O'Brien welcomed the cast of the Emmy-winning AMC series to celebrate its 10 year anniversary.

Castmembers Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Anna Gunn, Dean Norris, Betsy Brandt, R.J. Mitte, Giancarlo Esposito, Bob Odenkirk and Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan all dropped by to relive the epic saga of Walter White that captivated television viewers from 2008-2013.

While the finale of Breaking Bad was widely praised by fans and critics, there was one viewer who wasn’t a fan: Gilligan’s mother. “I’m not sure she would ever watch Breaking Bad in the first place if I wasn’t involved. The end of Breaking Bad, she said, I really wanted Walt to get away with it,” the showrunner explained.

When it comes to fan reactions, Cranston revels in seeing people in Breaking Bad apparel. “I like to walk up to them, saddle up next to them and say, I like your T-shirt.”

For Paul, whose character Jesse’s catchphrase “bitch” became iconic, he says fans have slightly tempered down yelling out the word to him in public. “It used to be so many times a day, now it’s just 3-5 times,” Paul said.

“That’s just his wife,” Cranston added.

The actor also shared how the catchphrase might affect his young daughter in the future. “I’m afraid that it will be her first word. She’s going to hear it so much.”

Mitte also revealed that he “was hoping someone good” would kill off his character, Walt Jr.

Gilligan agreed, saying he had thought about it, but added, “You know once you get killed, you don’t get paid anymore?” The showrunner went on to explain how his writers looked at him like he was crazy when he pitched the idea about killing off Walt Jr.

Gunn, who starred as Skyler White, explained her audition process, which required her to “massage” Cranston’s character in an intimate way. “I thought it would be goofy to do an air massage so we sat down and figured it out.”

??“I told her, if she’s really courageous, just go for it,” Cranston added, laughing.

While that was a humorous situation, only Brandt thought of the show as an actual comedy while auditioning. "It was probably season three when I caught on," Brandt explained of not realizing Breaking Bad was a drama.

Esposito, who starred as the series main antagonist, Gus Fring, showed off his trademark intimidating staredown to O'Brien and gave insight into his onscreen chemistry with Cranston. "I love working with Bryan, he gives you all of his attention, so I thought I'd give him all of mine," Esposito said.

He also pitched a very different ending for his character than what appeared onscreen: a musical exit. "I love life! I want to live!" Esposito sang loudly.

Finally, Odenkirk, who is currently starring in the Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul, revealed that the seeds for the spinoff were planted early on in the filming of the original series. 

Odenkirk also showed off an old photo of himself and O'Brien from the 1980s.